Body Scan Mindfulness Exercise

This is a great meditation to do if you feel stressed or anxious.

Scanning the body can help you identify any areas in the body that may be holding onto stress.

1. Take a few deep breaths, Thank your breath for giving your life and for nourishing you each and every day. Feel your breath moving through your body cleansing it and healing it.

2. Begin to sense what your body needs from you at this moment in time.

3. Thank your body now and tell it how much you appreciate it. You can even go up and down your body thanking your feet to your head. Notice any sensations or how the body responds to your emotions.

4. Now continue breathing and begin to scan the body, from your feet all the way up to your head. Notice how your feet feel at this moment. You may feel will notice tingling as well. Continue moving up to your ankles and legs, noticing any sensations. Notice how the energy feels in each area of the body. If you feel any tightness envision the area softening and loosening.

5. Work your way up your body scanning for any areas that seem out of sync. If you experience any tightness imagine you are sending a beautiful white light of healing into your body, Infusing your cells and your organs with love.

6. Finished my scanning the head and the face. Notice how your skin feels and if it is supple or tight. Keep tuning into your energy and acknowledging your body for how amazing it is.

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